Coronavirus in an Alternate, Rational Universe: What Might Have Been

In a rational and free society, the reaction to coronavirus would not have been hysterical or tyrannical. People would have been left free to decide for themselves how to avoid getting this virus. All would have been fine — at least as fine as it has been, with none of the economic and social upheaval and decline. Of course, Donald Trump would likely still be President, and the country would not be under the stranglehold of an emerging one-party dictatorship, including the obliteration of the Bill of Rights itself.

So I guess it depends on what your definition of success is.

In such a free and rational society, any businesses or enterprises — large or small — would be free to have mask mandates or whatever they want. None of them would have done it, because it would have been bad for business and utterly unnecessary. If these things WERE necessary, no government mandates would be required, because it would be bad for business not to have masks and social distancing in stores and restaurants. There’s a reason why we never had lockdowns, mask lunacy, and multi-trillion dollar spending bills before, and why we survived flu or virus pandemics without them: They weren’t needed.



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