How Critical Race Theory Destroys Individualism — and Freedom

The way you think determines whether you embrace freedom and liberty — or eschew them.

At least subconsciously, we all have a theory of human nature. One widespread, yet false, theory of human nature: We’re determined by other people. Either we’re conditioned by their behavioral reinforcements, or we’re simply the product of other factors over which we have no control.

Critical race theory is the dominant view today among our intellectuals — and that viewpoint has “trickled down” to the business world, the political world and — I’m suspecting — a third to half of the ordinary population. Critical race theory means that you can’t help but act according to your racial makeup. If you’re black or brown, you’re oppressed, whether you think so or not; if you’re white (and male, heterosexual and Christian in particular), then you’re an oppressor, whether you think so or not. The basic point: You can’t help it. It’s your nature.

The specifics of critical race theory, while toxic, aren’t as bad as the underlying premise: That you cannot do anything about your destiny as a white or black/brown person. It’s programmed by your DNA, and by social conditioning — neither of which you can ever escape. That’s what leads to the blowing up of our Bill of Rights. A Bill of Rights is for people who ARE free to achieve, thrive, fail, suffer, triumph or pursue happiness. A Bill of Rights is for people who make choices. Critical race theorists believe we have NO choices.

Tragically, there are no choices in the world being shaped by today’s shameless politicians and corporate fascists serving those politicians. As totalitarianism spreads from mandatory masks and vaccines to other areas of life (as is happening on social media and elsewhere), the only choice will be NO choice. If you’re one race and gender, you can’t help but be an oppressor, we’re told. If you’re unsuccessful, you’re not a threat. But if you are successful, then it’s because you oppressed others to get there. Based on what facts? Facts aren’t necessary. Your race and gender tell the whole story.

THIS is the evil viewpoint obliterating our freedom, the same way that Hitler’s similarly anti-choice views led, inevitably, to the totalitarianism and fascism of his toxic state. You’re not only obliged to hold this viewpoint and refrain from dissenting; you’re obliged to STATE the prevailing views, even if you don’t mean them. If you don’t state them, then you’re a criminal (first morally, then legally). This is the meaning of “Silence Kills.” They’re basically saying: “Agree with me, and say so; otherwise, you’re a murderer.” This is how all dictatorships work, especially the more sophisticated and toxic ones. It’s proceeding in America exactly as it did in Maoist China, Hitler’s Nazi Germany and elsewhere. It’s stunning in its predictability and ugly elegance.

If you really believe that people — including yourself — are the product of genetic or cultural characteristics over which you have no control, then choice is irrelevant. And once choice is irrelevant, freedom is irrelevant too. In fact, freedom gets in the way.

The alternative to critical race theory or anything else like it? To use Ayn Rand’s beautiful phrase, “Man is a being of self-made soul.”

While there are many things about your life, body and brain that you don’t directly control, you are, fundamentally, what you make of yourself. Nothing will ever change that. It’s just the way it is. Of course, what you make of yourself can’t be given a fair shake unless you’re free. Today, everyone is losing their freedom. This includes the alleged victims as well as the alleged victimizers. When the statists are all done, we will ALL be wards of the state, hostage to the false and toxic idea that we never had the capability to shape ourselves … when we most certainly did, all along.



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