Whatever Happened to Beto Getting Rid of “the Gun Problem”, Joe?

When Joe ran for President from his basement, he promised–before crowds of 5, 7 or even 10 people–that he would dispatch Irishman-turned-Latino Beto O’Rourke to “take care of the gun problem.” Not sure what happened to that promise, but the Democratic Communist reasoning remains as follows:

Get rid of guns. Simply outlaw guns, and they will disappear. Make ownership of guns a felony, after 90 days, as Delaware has already started to do. With the end of guns, there will be no crime. If there IS still crime, it simply won’t be reported–as that would embarrass the rulers. Social media will shut down people who talk about the rise in crime, after guns are gone. Lastly, with the disappearance of crime, we can eliminate police. Police are all racist pigs, anyway, say the rulers. We’ll use the now totally WOKE national guard and federalized police thereafter, not to protect citizens from common criminals, but to protect the despotic government from threats of dissent and rebellion.

Think I’m exaggerating? Watch what happens. It will probably be worse than I’m predicting, based on events of the last year.



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