If You’re Thinking About the 2022 and 2024 Elections, You’re in Denial

It’s fascinating to watch denial.

I’m talking about denial by the good guys, the lovers of liberty — not the Communists and the socialists.

Lovers of freedom now talk eagerly of the 2022 and 2024 elections. Can Republicans take back the House and Senate? Will Trump run in 2024? Or will another prominent Republican, such as Florida’s governor?

To hear people talk, you’d think the fraud of the 2020 election never happened. You’d think they’re all confident in the integrity of elections, the same elections that gave us Joe Biden as an occupying ruler. As if nothing ever happened.

I understand that in human beings, denial serves a purpose. To a great extent, our subconscious minds won’t let us accept the awful, horrible truth of a profound loss. We all go through denial in the early stages of a devastating or life-altering loss, such as the death of a loved one. It’s a similar, devastating loss to lose your liberty, when you — and generations before you, in the United States — could always count on a good degree of freedom.

However, in cases like the death of a loved one, you still must confront the absence of the lost person every hour of the day. The denial helps soften the blow. But it doesn’t give you a free pass to pretend the lost person is still here.

Similarly, kidding yourself that elections even matter any longer, after what the leftist media and oligarchy pulled off in 2020 — well, that’s truly unhealthy. It’s like pretending the dead person is still alive.

You can counter, “What else are we supposed to do?” That’s kind of like saying, “Well, reality is terrible. So what else am I to do, other than get drunk every day, or abuse heroin?” Or, “What else am I supposed to do? I miss my spouse. I wish she wasn’t dead. So I have no choice other than to pretend she’s still alive.”

Whatever the solution to the loss of our liberty, self-deceit is not the answer. I’m not obliged to GIVE you an answer — that is, the alternative to self-delusion — when arguing that self-delusion is never a good idea. Even if we have no answers, self-delusion will never be an answer. Closing your mind to reality is not the way to figure out what to do.

I don’t know what’s going to become of our former republic. I don’t know what’s going to happen to those of us who dissent. So far, the issues are mask mandates and partial, indirect censorship by the government through compliant tech giants. In the near future, the issues will get tougher. There will be vaccination requirements. And gun confiscation. And deplatforming, i.e., being run out by your banks or credit card companies, or your jobs, for failing to appear woke. And outright censorship, perhaps even gulags or jail sentences for dissenters, as aides to Bernie Sanders — now the mainstream of the ruling Democratic Party — have openly recommended. The people who recommended these gulags are sitting in government offices in D.C, or are listened to by people who do. They’re not fringe figures, like they were even 5 or ten years ago. They have real power. And they know they’re staying in power. There will be no red wave, not if they pull off what they pulled off in 2020 and probably before then.

You don’t have to be paranoid to see these things coming. All of the known facts support it. President Trump is not only out of the White House; he’s effectively silenced. They will get him into prison, if they can, and with American Communists holding sway even over the U.S. Supreme Court (7-2), they will probably succeed.

Even if most former Trump voters and honest Republicans/non-leftists are mostly in denial, the dictators on the other side suffer from no such delusions. They know they have pretty close to a guarantee of retaining power — well, forever. But they’re not complacent about it. They’re actually quite afraid. And frightened dictators are the worst kind. They fear losing their power and will justify anything — absolutely anything — to hold on to it, as well as expand it. You see how they’re going after President Trump and anyone who went to the rally in D.C. on January 6. They mean it.

Self-delusion is not the answer. By pretending that the elections of 2022 or 2024 even matter, we’re bypassing the very important task of figuring out what our options really are — including, but not limited to, things like secession and mass civil disobedience. Clear your heads of the denial drivel so you can figure out what to do for yourself, because you’re now living under a dictatorship.



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