Here’s What the Fall of Civilization Looks Like

Rapper Lil Baby turned the Grammys stage on Sunday night into a riot scene that mirrored the deadly and violent protests that gripped the nation in response to the death of George Floyd. Lil Baby’s performance of his song “The Bigger Picture” included a speech from Black Lives Matter activist Tamika D. Mallory, who looked into the camera and demanded President Joe Biden to bring “justice, equity, policy, and everything else that freedom encompasses.” [Breitbart News]

All that “freedom encompasses”? What do anarchist-Communists know or care about freedom?

Freedom requires self-responsibility. And rationality, objectivity. It does not mean equality of outcome, as “equity” implies. It simply means equal under the law. Martin Luther King had the right idea; not rappers given an opportunity to spout BS because wealthy celebrities wish to be SEEN applauding it.

The Grammys used to mean something. They meant MUSIC. Music and politics don’t mix. You shouldn’t know, or have to care about, the political views of the people whose music you enjoy.

But the political views of the people whose music you enjoy are no longer limited to national health insurance, higher taxes and more regulations. These people whose music you try to enjoy, and whose achievements you would otherwise be glad to admire, now support things like defunding the police; letting small businesses be shut down by government and torn apart by looters; destroying our military; handing over all competitive advantages in a now unfree market to totalitarian dictators in China; upholding election fraud in support of one party being in control; and confiscating guns.

“Justice”, to such people, means getting to stomp, scream and get whatever they want. Not because they’re right. But because morally shallow, psychologically fragile and intellectually challenged musicians and celebrities want to be SEEN endorsing these things.

This is what the fall of civilization looks like. Enjoy.



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