Why The Left Doesn’t Want Borders

The reason that our rulers mismanage the border? They don’t believe in borders. Biden and his press secretary might evade the issue; but the real rulers of their movement, AOC and others, make it explicitly clear every day.

Are they misguided types, who naively believe that a free country can be open to anyone and everyone, without any screening whatsoever? Do they at least have a well-intentioned ideal — freedom?

No way. Mistakes of this magnitude are never innocent. As we already know from reading the hourly news, our left-wing Communist-fascist-woke rulers don’t believe in freedom. They set freedom on fire everywhere they turn, one executive order and piece of monstrous legislation at a time. Their rioters and looters in the streets, never held accountable as police are ordered to stand down, act out their hatred of freedom for them.

Only one explanation remains: They want to destroy America. It’s as simple — and as horrible — as that.

The Democratic Party, the one Party now in charge of everything (forever), is a coalition of people who wish to destroy America. The Bidens wish to do so because it will enrich their bank accounts with the Communist Chinese. The more ideological types want to destroy America because they loathe freedom, and because they are every bit as bigoted in their anti-white, anti-male and anti-heterosexual prejudices as their anti-black, anti-female and anti-homosexual counterparts.

Bigotry is bigotry, no matter which direction it goes; and bigots always hate freedom. Old-style bigots wanted to keep out black or brown people, because they were bigoted against black or brown people. Contemporary bigots want to override the country with black or brown people because they believe — in their bigotry — that black or brown people will overwhelm America and destroy it. Not only do today’s bigots despise the white men they wish to obliterate; they implicitly insult black or brown people who wish to enter the country to live in freedom, and live self-responsible lives without government assistance (keeping in mind most of them are fleeing Communist or socialist countries, where freebies already exist.)

I’ve said that today’s leftist establishment — the people now in charge of EVERYTHING, including our entire educational, cultural and even entertainment/sports culture — are like arsonists. Or rapists. They only seek power and they only know how to destroy. We let them take over at our peril. It was bad enough when Donald Trump was in the White House. At least he gave us the image of someone battling them, for a time. Now we have let them take over totally. And leftists played the long game, just like Joe Biden, who entered the D.C. swamp half a century ago. The leftist arsonists planned long-range starting (at least) in the 1960s. They gradually and progressively (remember: “progressive” refers to diseases, too) took over universities; primary and secondary schools; government (both parties); corporations; the critical tech industry; and movies, televisions, and sports. It took them about 50 years, but they did it. They won. Today, they savor and cash in on their victories, tolerated and often applauded by a largely clueless public. Leftist intellectuals, scholars and politicians used the old fashioned American virtues of perseverance, long-range thinking, delayed gratification ultimately to triumph over those who applied such virtues in the private and personal sectors, rather than in politics.

But in the end, leftists are still the intellectual, social and political equivalent of arsonists or rapists. They will create and contribute nothing; they can only destroy. It’s heartbreaking and tragic — because it was all so unnecessary, even as recently as 2019 — to watch America, once the land of liberty and truly the home of the brave — get destroyed. But our destroyers are, when it’s all over, impotent, soulless nothings. At least, impotent at anything other than destruction.

That’s why, when this all ends, whenever it does, it will be up to good people, who have always existed and always will, to pick up the pieces and help human beings rediscover their aspiration for freedom, prosperity and love of life.



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