Always Remember Capitalism

Always remember what created the splendor and intensity of mankind’s cities, once they’re gone, or impoverished beyond recognition. Remember all the things we have shamed, canceled and will, before long, be outlawed: Profit; free enterprise; rationality; individualism; self-responsibility; hard work; equal rights under the law with no guarantee of equal outcome. The woke world will permit none of these. Sooner than you think, America will have the most dramatic contrast between capitalism and socialism the world has ever seen.

Endless lockdowns, confiscatory tax rates, rigged elections, state-regulated media, and socialized everything will not permit the prosperity and vitality so many of us knew to continue. Save pictures like this, because they will be outlawed and cancelled under the next regime. How fortunate for those of us in our 40s and 50s, and older, to have known all that was possible. Hopefully future generations will figure out what eluded today’s pitifully ignorant charlatans who lost the greatest experiment in freedom human history has ever known.

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