Leftists: Incurably Irrational

Rep. Chris Stewart: “With the White House now suggesting they will turn the resources of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC) inward to conduct domestic surveillance, they seek the power to covertly target and retaliate against political opponents, potentially silencing dissent.
Given the way Obama operatives created a Russian collusion conspiracy out of whole cloth to serve their political agenda, Americans should be more than just leery of the administration’s justifications for this expanded surveillance. They should be terrified.”

Like I said: It’s not an administration; it’s an occupation. It’s not a President; it’s a one-party dictatorship, with no possibility of losing at the polls. They are creating the tools to spy on Americans who do not support their edicts. And they will be rounding dissidents up, in time. Who will stop them? Two justices on the Supreme Court?

FL Gov. DeSantis warned conservatives that if they stand for the right things that they will “be attacked,” “smeared,” and “even canceled by the major organs of the political left. Now anyone can spout conservative rhetoric, we can sit around and have academic debates about conservative policy, but I’m not saying you don’t do any of that, but the question is, when the Klieg lights get hot, when the left comes after you, will you stay strong or will you fold?” DeSantis concluded. “When you do and you engage in the battles ahead, hold the line. Stand your ground, and don’t ever, ever back down.”

True, but leftists will not back down. NOT EVER. You’re dealing with irrational, totalitarian thugs. Everything DeSantis says is true, only it’s much worse. Leftists and Democrats are incurably irrational, hate-spewing, crude authoritarians. On top of it all, they seek to disarm you, force you to wear a face diaper forever, pay huge sums for gas and fuel, pay huge taxes only if you work or achieve, and force you to fund public schools and universities that (1) teach students to hate freedom and (2) brainwash your own children into hating YOU for loving freedom. There is nothing remotely tolerable about these horrible people — I mean all committed Democrats, your neighbors, your relatives, your supposed friends. They have literally voted away our rights and rigged the system in such a way that we are forced to choose between total submission–or civil war.



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