Recall and Impeachment? Too Tame a Punishment for America’s Tyrant Governors

Recall Gavin Newsom or impeach Andrew Cuomo? Recall and impeachment are too tame a response to what tyrants like Cuomo, Newsom and others have done to destroy the economies and obliterate the individual rights of people living in their states. First of all, the same tyrannical control they presently exercise guarantees there will be no successful recalls or impeachments; dictators will not permit this accountability, and the media will not either. Cuomo, Newsom and governors of offending states should be arrested, tried and convicted for destroying the lives of the citizens they promised to protect, and for brazenly defying the U.S. Bill of Rights. Millions of us would have supported President Trump had he taken this Lincolnesque step while still in office. Tragically, it’s too late now. The precedent has been set that governors may declare “emergencies” any time they wish, for any reason or whim that moves them, for as long as they wish. Not only do they have 100 percent of the backing of a liberty-hating media; they have most of Congress, most of the Supreme Court and an executive branch occupied by similar tyrants backing them. It’s too late. And if you think you have seen the last of arbitrarily decreed lockdowns, you probably watch CNN and voted for the demented one.



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