The Biden-Harris Regime: NOT an Administration; an Occupation

The thing about an authoritarian or totalitarian government like the Biden regime: It protects its OWN interests. And ONLY its own interests. It does NOT protect the people. It does not care about the rights of individuals. It cares about pressure groups, sometimes, but only to serve its own power. Study the history of any authoritarian government — the National Socialists under Hitler, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics under Russia — and the pattern is familiar. Study the declining Roman empire or any government — no matter how local, even your local HOA if its dysfunctional — and you’ll see the elevation of the ruling body’s interests above the interest of the people it’s supposed to represent.

That’s the definition of a rotten government, right there. The only remaining question is HOW rotten. Will we get merely bureaucratic abuses or gulags? Mandated vaccinations, permanent lockdowns or concentration camps? Censorship, rigged elections, propaganda spewing out of corporations pressured by government to do so? We’ve already got most of it. They’re all based on the same fundamental ideas, and given the first month of the Biden-Harris regime I believe we’re going to get more of them, as well as things we cannot yet even imagine. These sociopaths are capable of anything. Biden may be out soon, but what’s coming is a freak and horror show not to be duplicated in human history.

I knew the Biden regime would be this way even before it officially seized power. Last fall, during the sham of an election campaign we witnessed, Biden told reporters they essentially had no right to know what his plans were for stacking the Supreme Court. This is the attitude of someone who cares ZERO for the interest of the people, and who doesn’t even feel a need to engage in pretense. I knew at that moment that if Biden and his cabal prevailed, we’d be living under a dictatorship. A dictatorship exists to protect itself — not you, and not your rights. The American Bill of Rights is dead, in practice. In our minds, it should live forever, and we should fight for its restoration, because man’s rights are worthwhile and essential. But the America of our founding fathers is gone, and the only thing left is not to preserve it … but RESTORE it.



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