Leftist Hypocrisy: It’s Not Hypocrisy; It’s Sociopathy and Abuse

Much is made of leftist hypocrisy. Imagine the reaction if Republicans controlled Congress and tried to impeach former president Obama. Imagine the reaction if Republicans are caught not wearing masks, or demanding special treatment at restaurants or hair salons. You have to understand: THEY KNOW THEY’RE BEING HYPOCRITES. And they don’t care. It’s not only that they don’t care. You have to understand the mentality of a sociopath, or a dictator. A dictator gets his sense of power over controlling others, in defiance of obvious facts. If you cut through the media posturing and preening, the naked truth you’d hear them say is, “We know impeachment is for the removal of a sitting President. You can’t remove a President who’s no longer sitting. You think we’re stupid? We know that. And we know you know that. We’re doing it because we know we can get away with it — with a self-refuting logical absurdity — and there’s nothing you can do about it.” It’s a way to foster and incite — yes, incite — feelings of helplessness and hopelessness in your victims. Ask any abusive parent or other family member who imposes mental torture on his or her supposed “loved ones”.

This goes far beyond preventing Donald Trump from running for President again in 2024 (as if elections still mattered). It’s a way for dictators to tell the 75 million who think they won’t be complying with the gun confiscation, the mandatory vaccines, the currency-devaluing spending, the permanent mask mandates and lockdowns, the socialized medicine, socialized college and socialized everything, the censorship and who knows what else — including even gulags, re-education seminars or concentration camps, at some point … it’s a way for these dictators to tell all of us: “We know you think you’re not going to comply. But if we can get away with this obvious and absurd abuse of language and concepts, by impeaching a President who’s no longer President, then we can get away with anything.” And, let’s be honest: What reason have most of us given them to think otherwise? We still wear the masks, we comply with everything and millions of us keep voting for this insanity and tyranny. At some point, it has to STOP. Otherwise civilization will simply stand still, and then just collapse.



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