Life After Trump

Many good people point out that Donald Trump will be more effective out of office than in office. This may be true. But if it IS true, think about it: How corrupt, and how irredeemably rancid to the core, must our whole government be, for such a capable and bright man to be LESS effective as President of the United States of America than as a private citizen? And when the one-party regime that has hijacked our former republic is finished with us, what will it matter if Donald Trump or anyone else is effective? Look at the damage these twisted imbeciles have already done in 2 short weeks. Absent a major and effective upheaval or reversal of some kind, we are on the express train to being Venezuela or Cuba. I can tell you that the vast majority of Americans, including the vast majority who vote Democratic (and who are not elite billionaires shielded from everything) are NOT ready for the consequences of what has happened.

Re: Trump starting his own social media company…a question for tech experts out there: If Trump buys his own servers, will that solve the problem of his own social media company being shut down like Parler? The Biden regime and the Chinese Communist Party–same thing–consider themselves owners of the Internet. Where Trump is concerned, the Democrats will do to Trump and people who wish to follow him exactly what the CCP has done to dissenting citizens. Today’s Democrats are by far the worst dictators ever seen in America. I believe they may be on their way to becoming the most evil movement in history, even surpassing Nazis and Communists. They are capable of anything.



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