Not an “Administration” — an Occupation

It’s not an “administration”; it’s an occupation. It’s not a “President”; it’s a rule-by-executive-fiat dictatorship. We are no longer a republic. We are a tyranny run by the emotional whims of a mob and just another arrogant, incompetent cabal. They think they’re unique and transformative. America is now just like all the wrecked republics and civilizations that preceded it. We were special — amazingly, miraculously special — but no more. The only solution now? Figure out how to start over.


In other news …

“Canceling student loan debt is the single most effective executive action that President Biden can take to kick start this economy,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren said at a press conference unveiling the resolution. “Canceling student loan debt is good for you, whether you have student loan debt or not, because it is good for our economy.”

If this sounds too good to be true, that’s because it is. In reality, there’s no such thing as “canceling” debt. What these proposals would do is shift the burden from college graduates, a relatively well-off slice of society, onto the shoulders of taxpayers. (Foundation for Economic Education)


And …

Fox News has canceled Lou Dobbs Tonight and the pro-Trump host is not expected to return to the television news network’s airwaves, according to a Friday evening report. [Breitbart]

The purge continues. It’s not going to stop, even at Fox News.



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