America’s Descent Into Totalitarianism

One major difference between the United States and a Communist country: Communists have concentration camps; we don’t. At least — not yet. We are so very close to this, and the clueless millions who support Democrats either have no idea, or perhaps are just fine with it.

From Breitbart News: Uyghur, Kazakh, and other ethnic minority survivors of China’s brutal concentration camp system told the BBC in an extensive report published Wednesday that they witnessed and endured rape at the hands of Chinese government agents on a regular basis, including the use of electric batons to rape and torture women.

China has been operating concentration camps in Xinjiang, its westernmost and largest region, since at least 2018. While estimates suggested as many as 3 million people were imprisoned in the concentration camp system at its peak, the most recent estimates from the U.S. government suggest a population of about 2 million people remain trapped there. The number dropped after reports that the Chinese Communist Party sold concentration camp victims as slaves to factories nationwide. Beijing officials claimed the missing prisoners had simply “graduated” from the camps.


WE ARE LIVING IN A DICTATORSHIP. Do you believe it yet?

Example: Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported exclusively on Thursday night that Bank of America is allegedly turning over private information about its customers to federal law enforcement officials — without the knowledge or consent of its customers — in an apparent effort to identify those who participated in the January 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol Building.

Carlson led off the segment by talking about how the Biden administration and law enforcement has stated that they want to go after domestic “extremists” but have not laid out a clear definition of what qualifies as an “extremist.”


“Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin Calls for 60-Day ‘Stand Down’ to Discuss Extremism in the Military” [Breitbart News]

What exactly does he mean by “extremism”? Usually leftists refer to support for the Second Amendment, free speech rights, lower taxes, fewer regulations and opposition to the open-ended lockdowns of healthy people as “extremism”. Is the Secretary of Defense of the Biden regime suggesting that all members of the military must hold the far-left, socialist or Communist views of his party?

THIS is what dictatorship looks like. We are there.




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