America’s Biggest Virus: Mass Insanity

It’s insane and unhealthy to live by a zero risk tolerance rate — with anything, not just COVID.

Imagine if we lived with a zero risk tolerance for driving a car. We’d never go on the road. Or with flying in an airplane. That would be the end of traveling.

Imagine if we worried about all the other viruses out there — the ones that won’t likely kill us, but haven’t received the headlines and political attention of COVID-19. We’d lock ourselves down permanently, because there will never be a life free of viruses.

For a year now, I’ve heard people talk about, “I’m not doing anything until there’s a vaccine.” Now there’s a vaccine, for whatever that’s worth. People are starting to get the vaccine. Many of these same people are saying, “Well, I can’t be sure it will work.” So they continue to deny themselves the ability to leave the house, go shopping, eat out, see their grandchildren, take their kids to games or schools, while they wait … for what, exactly?

If you ask them, most of them are waiting to see how the vaccine works out for other people. But most other people remain glued to their television sets and one-sided news networks, which continue to cover the virus as if it’s the most catastrophic thing to happen to the world since Nazi Germany. No, it’s worse.

So here we have the spectacle of millions of people waiting at home, refusing to send their kids to school, refusing to eat in restaurants, go to movies, go to sports games or simply TO LIVE LIFE. They’re all waiting … to see what everyone else does.

In logic, I believe that’s called an endless regression. In psychology, we call it circular thinking. “We can’t be sure until everyone else is sure.” And nobody else can be sure until … everyone else is sure.

The dead end? Nobody’s ever going to be sure. And everyone is looking to everyone else for guidance on what to do. Nobody else knows what to do. As for the media, and tyrant politicians … good grief, they know less than anyone what to do. And they care about nothing except their own narcissistic and sociopathic quest for endless power.

In exchange for ZERO risk in accepting ANY risk for a virus that likely will not kill them … they willingly, even gladly, accept a living death. It’s truly mass insanity.



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