Joe Biden: The Unlikely God

Thank GOD this idiot, Joe Biden, exists. With the stroke of a pen, he’s ridding us of racial injustice, poverty, despair, unpleasant sensations … and, oh yes, freedom. All it takes is his signature. And we thought Obama walked on water.

“One of President Biden’s first orders of business was signing an executive order cancelling the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline. The project would have facilitated the transport of crude oil from Canada through the US to the Gulf Coast. Its cancellation will mean 11,000 job losses, the company warned—and they’re already kicking in.” [FEE.ORG]

Don’t people understand? Destroying jobs IS THE WHOLE POINT. Through elimination of the middle class and jobs, you foster dependence on government. The dictatorship of Venezuela has no problem with this. Neither does the dictatorship in the nation’s capital of the late American republic.




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