Leftists Don’t Know What they Love, But They Sure Can HATE

As I’ve been saying all along about the totalitarian leftists: Beneath their rage and hatred, you will always find FEAR. In the case of corrupt politicians, they’re afraid of losing their pull-generated wealth, or perhaps their freedom, through jail (e.g., Hunter Biden). The average Democratic voters are less complex. They don’t know what they love. They only know they hate Trump, they hate people who support Trump, and — when you try to dig a little deeper — you discover they hate freedom.

What do they love, then? There’s no answer, because THEY don’t know. It’s hard to defend Communism. The immigrants they want to give free benefits to? They all fled Communist countries. Those countries truly are hellholes, because their systems turn life into hell. So presumably leftists don’t like Communism, right? Since it hurts immigrants, the people they claim to love? Try asking a leftist this question, and they’ll snarl that you’re a “racist”.

I know this much about leftists: President Trump interrupted their ignorance, their evasion and denial. Artfully or not, he asked tough questions and pointed out obvious truths that their politicians, celebrities and brainwashed teachers never dared ask. At the core, people who loathe freedom are afraid of freedom, because they are afraid of life. These neurotic “Karens” are the ones we delivered the legacy of Jefferson, Madison and Lincoln to. The brave soldiers who fought World War II, for freedom? WE gave it all up … to these weenie leftists. The Karens and social justice warriors are always saying, “Shame, shame,” but THEY are the ones who are truly shameful. What we have done to this country is beyond forgiveness. And they’re just getting started on transforming us.



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