Leftist Dictators: Turning Our OWN Constitution Against Us

We have an ILLEGITIMATE government claiming to rest on a LEGITIMATE Constitution. That’s the very thing nearly everyone now evades. It’s so EASY to say, “Oh, those bad guys who stormed the Capitol.” But it’s a lot harder to say, “Well, whether I agree with that tactic or not — our government is no longer legitimate.” We have a “President” and now a “Democratic Senate” elevated to high office based on counterfeit votes, attained with the excuse of coronavirus. In the coming weeks and months, they will preside over an unaccountable dictatorship, violate the spirit and letter of the Constitution’s Bill of Rights while hiding behind that very Constitution for legitimacy. As Democrats-turned-fascists will discover, a grotesque and morally inverted contradiction on that scale simply won’t stand. Not even the eradication of Facebook and Twitter accounts can make facts of injustice disappear.



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