The Entire U.K. is Now a Police State

Brexit leader Nigel Farage warned that lockdowns in the United Kingdom are pushing the country into a full-on police state, predicting that the battle to regain individual liberty will be a tougher struggle than leaving the European Union.
Mr Farage said that is unlikely that the British government will relinquish the emergency powers it has accumulated during the coronavirus crisis.

“Once the state takes power how on earth do we get those powers back? Do we have enough independently-minded MPs in Westminster to challenge the executive once we’re through this crisis to say those powers need to be returned, those liberties and freedoms need to go back to the people?”

“I’m beginning to think that the battle for our individual liberty could be an even bigger battle than the battle to get us out of the European Union,” Farage said.

“It is turning neighbour against neighbour, it is turning people against the police force, and it is not going to stop the spread of this virus,” he suggested.

Mr. Farage pointed to a “very disturbing video from Scotland,” in which police burst into a family’s home and threatened them with arrest for allegedly breaching the coronavirus restrictions, when in fact the family’s “guest” was their sick daughter who was recently discharged from hospital.

“Behavior like this does not get citizens on the side supporting the police,” Farage said, adding: “it is going way, way too far.”
Mr. Farage said that in the name of fighting the coronavirus, Britain is sacrificing its liberties and freedoms and that there “is a danger we could become something akin to a police state”. [from Breitbart News]


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