Of Course President Trump Should NOT Attend Biden’s “Inauguration”

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., called the Jan. 20 [Joe Biden inaugural] event “an important tradition that demonstrates the peaceful transfer of power to our people and to the world.”

Good grief!

President Trump should NOT attend Joe Biden’s Inauguration. IT WAS NOT A LEGITIMATE ELECTION. Even if it were, the things the “victors” of the election promise to do will eviscerate the Bill of Rights and freedom as Americans have always known it. The fraudulent victors are promising mile-high taxes, unlimited government lockdowns, life-throttling controls on energy production, nationalization of the banking industry, stacking of the Supreme Court to ensure a one-sided majority forever, Soviet-style medicine, gun confiscation and eradication of free speech. And these are just for starters.

On what PLANET do people like this moronic Republican Senator reside? Is he ethically hollow inside? Or just plain stupid? That goes for virtually all Republicans, aside from Rand Paul and a couple of others.

It would be CRAZY and irrational for Donald Trump to attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. It would be like going to the victory party of Hitler’s Nazi Germany government, had the German National Socialists defeated the Allies, rather than lost, back in 1945.

Rick Scott’s version of Republican Party virtue-signaling shows how that deservedly defunct party HAS NO COMPREHENSION WHATSOEVER OF ANY PRINCIPLES — least of all the principles they used to claim to stand for, i.e., the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It’s getting more stunning by the hour…no, by the minute. And not in a good way.



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