There is No Next Time

Written by me yesterday, on 1/6/21, the day Congress validated Joe Biden’s fraudulently obtained election:

Today didn’t go well, and I didn’t think it would. Pence was a disaster. Trump’s Twitter account (I just read) was suspended. The violence in D.C. was understandable, though it accomplished little and some are saying it was done by Antifa or BLM masquerading as Trump supporters. The leftists have hijacked the Constitutional system, which deserved legitimacy, and are now using it against us. They got the U.S. Senate the same way, which obliterates the Fox News/RINO idea that we preserve the system, let Trump go, fight Biden in the Senate and win next time. There is no next time.

Once they get away with fraud, all elections become meaningless. Project for a moment Trump running again in 2024. He would just lose again. So will any meaningful candidate. There’s really no way out that I can see–either it’s submission or secession. We are now trapped in a choice between dictatorship or civil war. And THEY are the ones who hijacked America! It’s the greatest victory for evil, maybe ever. In the long run evil still cannot win; but these horrible fascist-Communists have gained ground unlike ever before seen in America. It’s kind of like 1945…and the Japanese and the Nazis won.

Breitbart News reports: The former president [Barack Obama] urged Americans to unite behind President-elect Joe Biden, who promised to restore unity. “It’s up to all of us as Americans, regardless of party, to support him in that goal,” Obama concluded. [I guess Biden was sleeping while Obama spoke for him.]

Nope. I won’t endorse my enslavement by a corrupt, left-wing totalitarian dishonestly “elected” cabal. I will kick, scream, subvert, lie, dissent, go underground, and do whatever else it takes to assist in the utter failure and ultimate defeat of this ridiculous charade. Unity? There is no unity in self-destruction.

I believe there are 75 million people who stand ready and dedicated to make the rulers taking over the former American republic just as miserable as they can be. You attack us, you insult us, you belittle us, you crush all our liberty, you place us under permanent house arrest and you create a situation where we have nothing to lose. Whatever happens is all on you, creeps.

Update on 1/7/21: President Trump has pledged an “orderly transition” to the Biden regime. Do NOT call it a “Biden administration”. Those days are over. America is now run by a cabal; in all honesty, it probably has been for a long time, even (in part) during the Trump years. The newly empowered legalized criminal enterprise undoubtedly stole the U.S. Senate and they’re coming for all of us next. It’s only a matter of time and specifics.

At least don’t pay them the dignity or tribute of civilized language or the respect of legitimate authority. These are not civilized people; they are barbarians in suits. I also hold the average people who voted for this catastrophe morally responsible for everything bad that happens going forward. I am talking of your neighbors, friends, relatives … all of them. They did it. Perhaps other countries, filled with ignorant and illiterate people can claim a partial excuse when falling for Communism, socialism or fascism. America, for the most part a free country for its 200-plus years as a republic, had no such excuse. WE (present company excluded) were the generation that lost it all.



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