Once Again: The Fix Is In

“Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty.”

–Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago

Of course, already evidence is rolling in that the Georgia runoffs were stolen, in favor of Democrats. So what else is new? Will it matter? No. It didn’t matter with the presidential election; so why would it matter with a Senate runoff? People who don’t want to live under a one-party rule of Communist-fascist-socialist Democrats are screwed. Eventually, even many Democratic voters will be screwed. Why? Because one-party dictatorships benefit nobody, except a small ruling elite. Castro, for example, jailed or murdered most of the leftists who supported his rise to power initially. Yet here we go, America: Taking the plunge into authoritarian rule that has destroyed every single civilization in history.

And then there’s the hoped-for challenge of Biden’s election in Congress today. All we hear is how challenging the validity of Biden’s fraudulent election will undermine the republic. Seriously? This reminds me of what emotional and sexual abusers say to their victims: “You’ll disgrace the family if you tell anyone.” So says the abuser to his victim. So say the cheaters (Democrats) and cheater-excusers (RINOs) to the 75 million people who now must live under a one-party regime. What does it do to the republic, and any future of freedom, to destroy the mechanism–honest, non-rigged elections–that freedom requires? We live in a time where obvious truths and simple justice fall on totally deaf ears, from the Supreme Court on down. It’s a spectacularly devastating human tragedy.



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