How Big Business Became Big Government

You know a country is fascist when its BIG businesses follow the government, and not their customers. We see that happening now. All the major companies and stores — Walmart, Facebook, Apple, Google — are now mouthpieces for an authoritarian government. It’s not a conspiracy. It’s the logical, inevitable result of years of growing coziness between business and government. You see this much less with small businesses, because small businesses are tied more directly to their customers than to politicians. Politicians don’t care about small businesses; only big ones, because that’s where the money and power are.

Under ACTUAL free market capitalism, by the way, there would be nothing wrong with big business. If government stayed completely OUT of the economy, only to intervene in cases of fraud, then there would be no basis for Target, Facebook or Walmart answering to the government. They would be free to spout Marxist ideology or anything else they wish — but they would have no pull with the government, not the government of a free country. Their fortunes would rise or fall exclusively with their customers; which means, in mass markets particularly, business would not be political.

For years, free market types have warned against “private-public” partnerships, and the like. We warned you of a growing fascist state. Well, look around you. COVID fascism and the rigged election are just the beginning. Most of us asked for it, whether we realized it or not.



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