What We Lost in 2020 (and it’s just the beginning)

If you have loved ones who died in 2020, it’s an unspeakably sad thing, and nothing (so far) surpasses that loss. There are also things we ALL lost in 2020. These include, but are not limited to:

1) the Bill of Rights, even nominally;

2) any sense of rationality or sanity in our culture, even a superficial one;

3) the ability to trust elections, including presidential ones;

4) New York City;

5) California (for its commercial enterprise, the one worthwhile thing about it);

6) doctor relationships in person;

7) restaurants, bars, nightclubs, even outdoor dining;

8) sports games;

9) musical concerts;

10) plays, including Broadway (maybe not coming back ever);

11) any hope of remaining friends with people of differing political views;

12) the Supreme Court;

13) freedom of association, including religion;

14) the ease of travel across state lines or internationally, with few or no issues;

15) the right NOT to wear a face diaper into a grocery or retail store.

Did I leave anything out?




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