Does Anyone Else See the Dictatorship Taking Place in America?

It happened with mail-in voting. For years, Democrats wanted voting without an ID. It makes cheating easier. With mail-in voting, they got way more than they demanded in the past. Witness the results.

More is coming. Much more.

Because of COVID, we now need to eliminate student loan debts, and make college “free”. Those who work will pay for it. Those same former college students — the ones who work, at least — will pay for it through taxes. Nothing is free.

Because of COVID, we’ll need higher tax rates.

Because of COVID, we’ll need a permanent guaranteed national income, paying people to stay home. After all, as small businesses close down in droves (90 percent of restaurants gone in New York City; one-third of small businesses already gone in places like New Jersey), how are people supposed to live?

Because of COVID, we’ll need the Green New Deal. Actually, thanks to lockdowns, we already have it. Who needs to fly or drive a car when you’re locked down for 80 percent of your activity?

Because of COVID, we’ll need slavery reparations. Just because.

Because of COVID, we’ll need welfare spending that makes the Great Society look like pinching pennies. It will seem more plausible, once the standard of living in America becomes akin to Venezuela.

Because of COVID, we’ll need mandatory everything. Lockdowns will be used for other reasons, whenever Governors, mayors or Presidents feel like it. Already there’s talk on the far left of the Democratic Party (the one party now) of having lockdowns for the “environmental crisis” and the “racism crisis.” Nobody can claim a crisis like a leftist. They will dream up crises you or I could never imagine. Now you can be sure that lockdowns will be permanently on the menu, as a means of controlling millions of people. Look how well they’ve been working. We all comply!

Because of COVID, we’ll have to confiscate guns. They’ll call it a “buyback.” Obviously, with all the social unrest created by imprisoning people in their homes, we can’t have them owning guns.

Because of COVID, we’ll have to curb hate speech. Hate speech doesn’t mean “hate”, of course; it means speech critical of the party in power. Since leftists now permanently control the entire government — thanks to election fraud that seems to have worked — we, in effect, have one-party control. They will ensure that criticism of that one party is muted, if not eradicated. Facebook and Twitter are already brazenly doing it. Before long, the policies of those companies will be the policy of the U.S. federal government. Just watch.

I am not being negative. I do not wish to bring anyone down. I am simply being truthful. The truth MIGHT set you free. Lying to yourself that any of this will get better, on our current course … that will never set you free. THIS is what happens when you’re too quiet, too afraid and not angry enough. Voting for Trump wasn’t enough. Even if the President still finds a path to retain the White House, this country is in more trouble than any of us can say. Tyrants and abusers always exploit those qualities of hesitation, fear of what others think, and fear of rocking the boat. (“My neighbors are Democrats. Oh my gosh … they might not like me!”) Rise up, storm the palace gates (figuratively or literally, if it comes to that), resist, resist, resist, 74 million of you (or more) — and maybe you’ll see something different. But not a moment before. You cannot leave it all to Donald Trump. Hasn’t that man and his family suffered enough?

This is no time to be “conservative”. You’ve got to become a radical. A radical for freedom. Anything less and — well, you can see what will happen.



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