Biden Will End “Hatred”? Delusional Leftist Thinking

I heard someone say, “Now that Trump is going, there will be less hatred.” How clueless. Trump defeated ISIS, cut taxes, cut regulation, incited an economic boom, appointed 3 non-Communists to the Supreme Court, and tried at least to minimize the spread of COVID fascism across the country. How do ANY of these things stand for “hatred”? Hatred of tyranny? Additionally: How will disenfranchising 74 million-plus voters instill peace, love and brotherhood under a fraudulently elected regime headed by a demented has-been career politician working for the Chinese Communist Party?

Are 74 million-plus REALLY PISSED OFF citizens, most of them armed, truly a good thing for the cause of serenity now? These delusional fools think they’re about to get love and tolerance, under a government that will be marked by escalating restrictions on every minute of human activity, on confiscation of weapons for self-defense and on de facto state censorship imposed by liability-immune, left-wing social media giants. Good luck with all that, comrades and snowflakes.



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