“Make Me Stupid. Make Me Ignorant.”

Media reporters are not truth-tellers. They are ACTORS posing as objective truth-tellers. They’re reading lines, and are trained to look sober, objective and credible as they do so. They are good at doing so; but that’s ALL they can do. Performance is their only value. The lines they are reading have nothing whatsoever to do with objective truth, nor is it their intention. What we used to call media is now 100 percent propaganda. Any resemblance to — or overlapping with — occasional facts isn’t the point. CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, CNBC, your local news stations … that’s all they are: performance acting. If you view them as anything different, you’re participating in your own Orwellian brainwashing. You might as well be looking at your computer or television and saying, “Make me stupid. Make me ignorant.”



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