The Goofball Cabal

The creepy criminals want us to “unite”. They don’t mean unite. They mean submit. It’s not about politics. These criminals, if they get in, will not oversee a government. They will be the phony front for a cabal. Our rights are on the auction block — not just to China, but to any bidder. These career politicians use the ignorant Communists, Marxists, socialists, brainwashed young people, nasty university professors with tenure and psychotic anarchists to fuel their bid for power. Power is all they know, and all they care about.

If they get in, do not call them a “Biden administration”. Don’t dignify them with that term. They will be a Biden regime. And, before long no doubt, a Harris regime. Who’s at the top doesn’t really matter. Our rights are all that matter. These sinister fools will not protect our rights. They will violate them on a scale never before seen in American history. Anyone from a totalitarian country will tell you the nightmare of a life without freedom. Tragically, Americans of today will be the ones to relearn that repeated lesson of human history the hard way.



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