Is America’s Government Now a Criminal Enterprise?

Did President Trump err in his two choices for Attorney General, first Sessions, then Barr?

Well, if so, President Trump is paying the price for those errors. Increasingly, I believe the government was irredeemably corrupt before Trump’s presidency, and given the threat posed to the “deep state” by his presidency, they upped their game. Our federal government is a dangerous, fully legalized mafia–perhaps the most corrupt institution in human history, surpassing Communists or Nazis. President Trump has been beyond heroic to stand up to it, and to do so LITERALLY ALL ALONE. But we, the people, by embracing a big, expensive and powerful government that America’s founders warned us against, created this monster. And, believe me: If the monster gets away with this election fraud, it will unleash a level of destruction on human liberty and economic prosperity like the world has never seen. These leftists are not your Granddaddy’s Communists and fascists. They are just getting started and are capable of anything. We have a much bigger fight on our hands than I think most yet realize.



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