If Elections Don’t Matter, How Can There Be a 2024 Election?

“Newsmax/McLaughlin Poll: Big Majority Wants Trump to Run in 2024; Don Jr. Emerges”

The premise of such a poll is that President Trump is on his way out, on January 20. If so, that means massive election fraud won. That means a soft-core dictatorship will be established by the Biden crime family. It will soon be followed by the real deal: a hard core dictatorship with Kamala Harris in charge of a command-and-control economy, including a packed Supreme Court, and an obliterated First and Second Amendment. Also, it implies that Democrats will succeed at stealing two U.S. Senate seats in Georgia in the upcoming runoffs, meaning they will now control the entire government … essentially forever. For an illustration of what that will look like, check out Kamala Harris’ own California: Even a decade ago, it was a vibrant two-party state. It will never be again. Republicans there have given up.

Remember: If this election fraud is successful, Democrats have not merely unseated President Trump. They have obliterated the Constitution and made all future elections absolutely meaningless.

I’m not trying to be negative. I’m simply stating obvious facts, using common sense-level logic. You cannot “try again” with President Trump or Donald Trump, Jr., in 2024. Not if there’s no more American republic.

Let’s be realistic. We’re already in a civil war. The Democrats and all their friends in big government, big media, and the corporate world will NOT tolerate a Trump reversal of this election. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t try. But if he succeeds, we’ve got a civil war. And if he doesn’t succeed — well, we’ve got either a civil war or a dictatorship. Or both. I see no way out. I see no third alternative. The closest I can envision to a third alternative is a peaceful divorce. All the “red” areas of the country peacefully separate themselves from the Communist, hard core blue areas. The kind of people who love their remaining liberty separate themselves from the kind of people who actually view Kamala Harris in charge of the armed forces a GOOD thing.

If ever there were irreconcilable differences, I would say we are seeing them now. With COVID fascism continuing indefinitely; with government shutting down millions of businesses and churches; with government indirectly (for now) censoring social media, and (very soon) confiscating weapons of self-defense, none of us can any longer escape politics. There’s no “agreeing to disagree” with differences of this magnitude. Like it or not, the war is on.



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