Utopian COVID Socialism

Joe Biden’s “medical advisor” on COVID, Dr. Michael Osterholm, actually said it would HELP the economy to COMPLETELY lock down the entire world’s economy — for months or longer.

He actually said it:

We can borrow the money from ourselves at historically low interest rates. We can pay people to lose their job. We can pay small business. We can take care of city, state and county governments if we’re elected to do that. If Washington could get together and make that happen. That would be a very different kind of lockdown where people wouldn’t suffer, and we can get this virus under control.

Substitute the word “lockdown” with “society”. This is exactly what utopian socialists and Marxists have always maintained. You don’t have to work. The wealth — which comes out of nowhere — can be rationally and prudently spread, and everybody can be happy.

This medical doctor is clearly a Marxist if he believes such a thing is possible. He clearly knows nothing about the catastrophic failure of Marxism, economically speaking, throughout its history and into the present day, in places like previously prosperous and now starving Venezuela.

The political tyrants, Joe Biden included, are licking their chops to “follow the science” and “listen to the doctors”. COVID was their excuse. And the people have bought it. Or — worse still — submitted to it. Not all of us. But enough of us. With a little election fraud thrown in, no doubt.

Joe Biden’s “medical advisor” is proposing nothing less than utopian COVID socialism. Somehow, it’s all going to work. And somehow, it’s now all right to steal from those who produced and own something and give to those who didn’t produce anything. If I make a billion dollars but know that 90 percent of it will be taken away and given to the masses who are now no longer working — why bother to make a billion dollars? And how can I make a billion dollars (or a million, or 10,000) if everything is shut down indefinitely?

If you really think THAT is moral, and THAT can work out, you probably voted for Biden and watch MSNBC. I cannot help you. Your ignorance and dishonesty are truly beyond repair.



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