Never Forget: The RINOs Are Giving Away America

The biggest enemies aren’t the Communist fascist Democrats. They’re just being what they are — Communists and fascists. The biggest enemy isn’t demented goofball Joe Biden. He’s just doing what goofballs-turned-demented-goofballs do. When it was cool to support the borders and the hampered free market economy, he did so; when it seemed cool to support racist anti-black bigots, he did so; now that it’s cool (within his party) to support public ownership of the means of production and the twenty-first century version of reeducation camps for dissidents who aren’t Communists, he’s all on board with his crooked smile and decaying brain.

The biggest enemies are the RINOs. The biggest enemies are the people like Fox News — not all the hosts, but the people who run that network and who won’t even permit discussion or acknowledgement that the self-evident ballot fraud in places like Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona even existed. The people like Neil Cavuto, who are bending to the winds of authority and adopting the party line for the sake of what they consider survival.

Their premise appears to be that it’s better, for the sake of the country, to pretend that the election results are beyond question than to put the country through whatever it will go through by questioning them.

This would be like the wife of an alcoholic, abusive husband telling her kids, “Just pretend nothing happened. We have to keep a stiff upper lip for the sake of appearances.”

The RINOs and Mitt Romney and Chris Christie types would have us turn into a high profile version of a banana republic — SO THAT WE DON’T BECOME A BANANA REPUBLIC.

They adopt the superficial image of “reasonableness” and they dismiss anyone who questions the evidence for election fraud, including President Trump, as mentally unstable if not evil. Yet THEY are the ones operating on the premise that, “If we pretend the evidence isn’t there, and don’t acknowledge it, then it’s not there.” Their behaviors and attitudes are PRECISELY the behaviors and attitudes of people who want the election over, and who always wanted Joe Biden to be the victor.

If they win, then America will not only be a former republic. We will be unable to count on the results of ANY future election, because the precedent will have been established that any Democratic victory is, by definition, beyond questioning. The inverse will work as well: Any Republican victory — especially the victory of a meaningful Republican, such as Donald Trump — will be, by definition, invalid.

The leftists make no bones about it. They don’t believe in the Supreme Court; they will stack it to achieve their brazenly unconstitutional ends. They don’t care about the Constitution. They will turn us into a one-party system, if they haven’t already. They openly promise to take our guns, and they openly promise to put top-level Facebook and Twitter executives in charge of censoring Americans across the board, just as they already are doing on Facebook and Twitter.

The leftists have followed through on everything they promise to do. Everything they promise to do is anti-liberty, anti-Constitution and pro-totalitarian. If you think you won’t be in their crosshairs, Fox News, then you are the delusional, insane one.

We know what leftists are about. They’re just being Communists and fascists. They are full of hatred and loathing unlike anything seen since Nazi Germany, and they are capable of anything — perhaps even worse than the Nazis. We may find out soon enough.

But the conservatives and RINOs and Fox News executives are the ones giving them the keys to our prison. Never forget.



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