Democrats: Competent Criminals, the Worst Kind

Competent criminals cover their tracks and plan their crimes out carefully. This will make it exceedingly difficult for President Trump to prove the fraud we all can plainly see took place. It’s a truly tragic situation. If anyone can prevail, it’s President Trump, but I don’t see how you can get around the power to suppress information that a state government has. The real, growing question in my mind? How will rightly enraged Trump voters respond to Biden’s forthcoming insistence that the Oval Office is now his–and Kamala’s, of course?

Trump supporters are not mental children, like most leftists are. So what will it all look like, as Biden takes steps to seize control of the government? Will there be mass civil disobedience? Mass peaceful protest? Or nothing? Don’t expect Donald Trump to solve all of this for you. He’s an unbelievably capable amd hardy man. But in the end, as with all things in life, we are going to have to save ourselves.



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