“We’ll Finish It.”

A good friend of mine who participated in the Car Rally for Trump in Delaware today sent me this yesterday evening:

“I drove past Biden’s mansion today [in Wilmington, Delaware] with about 300 other trucks and cars bearing Trump flags and signs in a Trump miles-long Caravan. We were pretty noisy beeping horns going up into the elite neighborhood up the hills in Wilmington, DE. I cranked my car stereo and had all the windows open with the Trump rally songs as I drove by his house. It was cranked to the max with a very long stream of trucks/cars before and after me! We had travelled up the whole state of DE in a 300-500 convoy of trucks and cars. Lots of pockets of support from onlookers too on the sides of roads all up the state. Even with the downpour of rain. It was a great day! A lot of positive energy, confidence and enough silent but deadly testosterone that seemed to say, “Anyone from the Left who wants to start something… well… We’ll finish it.” ”



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