More Biden Corruption Revelations Out of Delaware!

The bombshells keep coming and coming. The Bidens are the gift that keeps on giving, when it comes to corruption.

The following, just released by Hurd Mentality podcast co-host and Trump-Pence 2020 campaign chair for Delaware, Robert Arlett


Joe Biden Arrested!

YES! Joe Biden has a history of crime & has been arrested in the past. Another DARK & DEEP secret in Delaware that has been a “whisper” for decades is finally EXPOSED.

In another EXCLUSIVE interview with Rob Arlett, meet the arresting officer, Chief Bill Brierley. Chief Brierley is a patriot, veteran, & someone who has known Joe Biden for over 50 years.

Based on the felony crimes committed by Joe Biden, he COULD NOT have ever been able to vote, be an attorney, OR hold public office.

Listen to Chief Brierley share the TRUTH about Joe Biden that is finally on record for ALL to watch, listen, and SHARE.



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