“Come On, Man!”: Trump & Biden’s Final Debate

The following are Dr. Hurd’s comments as posted live on Facebook and Twitter during President Trump and Joe Biden’s final presidential debate event last night:

What evidence is there that masks will save 100,000 lives? Where’s the proof? Oh, I forget. Biden needs none.

40 percent of Americans will take a vaccine? Biden will compel 100 percent. How’s that going to work out?

Biden’s basement is a mental echo chamber: No dissenting voices, no challenges and a fantasy world where Communism is moral and practical.

Drinking game: One sip for each “Come on!” from Joe.

So Biden won’t shut down the country? Oops…no, he didn’t mean THAT. He will lock us down forever. Hunter can roam free, though.

Anthony Fauci changes his mind every 5 minutes. He’s a doctor in name. His real career is politics: 50 years of it.

Biden HATES Wall Street. But not enough to decline their money.

Yes, Joe, China IS involved in this election. YOU are part of the Chinese Communist Party. They pay your bills. They want you to win. If you win, we are China.

In Joe’s echo chamber, he never took foreign government money. Objective reality, and Hunter’s texts, beg to differ.

Come on, Joe! Are you the Big Man?

Joe, people are saying your son Hunter did bad things. Of course, we know that’s not true. Your answer, Mr. Vice President?
Wow. They call her a moderator.

Donald Trump was doing business with his own money that people gave him voluntarily for goods and services. Joe Biden sucked money coercively out of unwilling victims forced to pay taxes to the U.S. government or serve as slaves in Communist China. BIG DIFFERENCE.

You know Biden’s doing badly when the “moderator” takes over for him and becomes more shrill.

You know Biden’s doing badly when he stops saying, “Come on!” and starts repeating “Scranton, Scranton, Scranton.”

“BidenCare” … And they say Trump is the narcissist? COME ON!!

Did Biden just say if you like your insurance, you can keep it?

Joe: I am “rolling around in bed tonight” worrying about what I will do if your American Communist Party seizes power! Health insurance pales in comparison to that.

WHOSE $750 billion will pay for BidenCare? P.S. It will be WAY more than that.

Does anyone have a count on the number of times Joe has said “Come On!”? I lost track. I have 5 “Scrantons”.

Joe: I will NOT give you my guns. I won’t take your vaccine if I judge it unnecessary for my health. I will NOT honor your mask mandate. I will NOT participate in “BidenCare” if I can avoid it. I will subvert everything you try to do any way I can, and encourage others to do the same.There ARE red states and blue states. There are 2 Americas, not because of President Trump but because of what you and Barack did to us. There are Americans and there are totalitarians. We know what you are. Go to hell, you toxic twit.

Joe deplores hate crimes and exclusion. OK, then. What about violence against people wearing MAGA hats, brutality against Trump supporters, looting of private businesses, savage attacks on decent police officers and censorship of speech critical of leftists and socialists? It seems to me that Biden’s idea of inclusiveness is quite exclusive.

“You know his character, and you know my character,” said Joe. Oh, yes we do.

Free markets get cleaner air and water than Communists. Private owners are accountable. Communists are like … well, Hunter and Joe Biden.

Joe says it’s a moral imperative to outlaw fossil fuels and impose a Green New Deal that will impoverish and kill millions, returning the survivors to 1850 standards of living. Yeah, that’s real moral, Joe. Why don’t you take your moral impulses and clean up your criminal family?

I think Joe’s battery needs replacing. Does he take AAs or AAAs?

The one honest statement of Joe Biden all evening: He will shut down the oil industry. Oh, excuse me: TRANSITION it out.
Still think he’s a moderate?



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