Mayday: America

One thing both Trump and Biden supporters have in common in this election: Each side talks as if the outcome will decide everything for all time. Here’s what Trump supporters seem to feel: “If Trump wins, then the battle for liberty and freedom is over. Leftists will no longer have a say.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s leftists are totalitarians. There is literally NOTHING they will not do, support or rationalize to further their ends. Leftist-fascist-socialist-Communists are a horrific hybrid of all the totalitarian horrors that preceded them, in the twentieth century and earlier. They control the entire media, the entire government (federal and local) and overwhelmingly dominate the culture itself. They have the power to close down churches, and have done so indefinitely. That didn’t happen until 2020, but it has happened. Religious or not: Think about that. They will find ways to confiscate guns, shut down dissent completely (rather than partially, as Facebook and Twitter are already doing), and achieve their goal of enslaving the population. Yes, they can. And unless we — the productive, the decent, the ones showing up in person to vote — fight back, they will.

It’s happening right before our eyes. The only people who seem to acknowledge it are those who have fled totalitarian countries (many of whom read my posts). I honestly don’t think some Trump supporters, much as I love them, really grasp it all. President Trump’s reelection victory, even a big one, won’t save us for the long-term. The battle for freedom will NEVER be over. To me, it’s just getting started, because things are so far gone when it comes to freedom in this country. I no longer recognize America. I will probably never visit New York City nor any city run by Democrats ever again, with their closed restaurants, theaters and defunded police. I seriously wonder if, at least in blue states, there will EVER be a time we don’t have mask mandates, and far worse things yet to come. People are putting up with it all. If even a year ago you had told me this would be happening, I would have been horrified to believe it. Yet here we are. It’s no wonder the Democrats have gone full Communist, openly and proudly so. They sense an opening.

Ronald Reagan said it best: that we’re only a generation away from dictatorship, at any given time. This is the generation — right now, today — that will either fight to retain and expand our liberty, or let it go altogether. If the election seems momentous, that’s because it is. Totalitarian rule is literally on the ballot. Everything has come together in such a way as to make the principles at stake clearer and more obvious than ever before. Each side understands that in a way I have not witnessed in my adult lifetime, going back to the late 1970s. It’s stark and it’s clear. But don’t fool yourself. The totalitarians will take over our lives, if we let them. Even I wasn’t sure about this, until I saw how easy it was to do with a comparatively mild flu virus. If that’s all it takes to let government take over literally everything (compulsive mask wearing the ever-present symbol) — well, then the American people can’t be THAT difficult to enslave. That’s how these sneering tyrants and the gullible, hateful fools who keep voting for them perceive it.

The only question remaining: How many Americans will go willingly to the gulags, or to the gas chambers, or whatever the twenty-first century, post-American version of this will be, on our present course with leftists dominating everything? The sociopaths and criminals in D.C., most especially in the Democratic Party and those who do that party’s dirty work in academia, media and the corporate world, are watching. Closely.



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