Is Trump Winning in Florida Already?

Despite the fact that the 2020 presidential election is three weeks away, nearly 1.8 million Florida voters have already cast their ballot by mail.

The state Division of Elections did an accounting of the votes and determined there have been 1,782,663 mail-in ballots cast in total — 905,065 of which were sent in by Democrats and 520,712 by Republicans. An additional 336,768 ballots were cast by voters with no party affiliation, while third-party voters accounted for 20,118. [reported by Fox News]

Here’s the interesting part — a comment by a reader:

“This is great news for Trump. 65% of democrats say they will be voting by mail compared to 35% of Republicans. Applying those figures to the mail in ballot amounts, Republicans are starting off with a 100k lead. Independents would have to hugely skew democrat to overcome that.

What’s more, democrats say they plan to vote earlier than Republicans, which means this could be a HUGE landslide for Trump.”

Hmmmm… thoughts, anyone?

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