President Donald Trump: America’s Pit Bull

President Trump is America’s pit bull. Or watch dog. He’s the guardian of our remaining liberties. Philosophical people complain he’s not theoretical enough. I understand — that’s needed, though not in a President. In a President, you need someone who LOVES FREEDOM. And in America, you need a President who loves the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. On the left, “Democratic” (now Communist) side … that’s gone. It has been waning for decades. Obama was the final nail in the coffin. After Obama, the left-wing of the United States is now an active enemy. That sounds, to some, like an overstatement. But if 2020 hasn’t taught you anything, with its leftist-sanctioned riots and permanent lockdowns, then you’re too foolish to be convinced.

America needs a watchdog. Just as we needed a watchdog to protect us from other enemies in our history: The British royalists; the Southern slavemasters; Hitler’s National Socialists; the imperial Japanese; the Soviet Communists; the murderous Islamic fundamentalists; and now — one of the greatest threats to liberty ever — America’s Communists.

President Trump has a mind-boggling challenge. He’s up against the entire federal government, including many in his own party. He’s up against almost the entire media. He’s up against the government-run school system and the sophisticated, articulate brainwashers at our universities — now firmly entrenched everywhere from your local community college to Harvard or Yale; he’s up against the entire corporate establishment, whether it’s Starbucks, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, the NFL, the NBA, Hollywood, Nike, or even Chick-fil-A, with its shocking support of Black Lives Matter Marxist anarchists.

It’s tempting, at times, to say America is already lost. President Trump and the idea of millions showing up (yes, showing up, not mailing in) their votes on November 3 would be a tremendous boost for freedom. No, it will not save freedom by itself. But we have to fight for freedom every chance we get. If we don’t, it’s all gone. As it stands, even with President Trump in office, it’s almost all gone now. But nobody who hasn’t fled a totalitarian country can really suppose to imagine what life under such a regime is like. And if Trump loses on election day, or is otherwise hounded from office, it will be the same as if America lost the Revolution against the British, at the time of our country’s birth. If President Trump loses, lovers of freedom will hang separately, to borrow from Ben Franklin. So will some supporters of the Democrats, as they come to terms with life under one-party rule.

We need that pit bull, right now. Really, really badly.



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