Confirmation Bias Is Not Science!

Confirmation bias: defined as the tendency to interpret new evidence as confirmation of one’s existing beliefs or theories.

Example: “President Trump is seen in public not wearing a mask. President Trump tested positive for COVID. Therefore, wearing a mask prevents COVID.”

Facts ignored in this reasoning: The thousands of cases where people DO wear masks, and test positive for COVID anyway; the many false positives with COVID testing; group think (“Everyone else seems to think this, so it must be true”); the thousands of cases where people do NOT wear masks, and still do NOT get COVID.

Motivation for confirmation bias: ignorance; lack of intelligence; sheer stupidity; political bias (e.g., irrational hatred of Trump); or a psychopathological desire to impose tyranny on others and/or on oneself.

Follow reason and science? Absolutely! But don’t mistake confirmation bias for science.



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