First Debate Post-Mortem

Biden supporters calling for him to cancel all future debates with President Trump is a tacit admission they don’t think Biden won last night’s debate. You don’t say “back out of debates” if you think the debates serve your case. It also shows how arrogant Democrat Communists are. They believe the rigged polls that sample only 25 percent Republicans, polls which tell them Biden has to win. It’s the identical mistake made by Hillary Clinton four years ago. They believe themselves, their own propaganda, and they only talk to like-minded people. Regardless of what happens in November — and the days and weeks after — does anyone see America’s wounds healing any time soon? I don’t wish to be negative. But if I just flew in from outer space and watched that debate last night, I would say this country is on the verge of a civil war.

I hate to be so negative. But can someone tell me what the happy outcome for all this looks like? I want Trump to win. But leftists will never, ever accept it. Nor will the reverse outcome settle things down. Democrats basically tell voters: “Vote for us, let us impose a dictatorship; otherwise, we’ll impose a dictatorship.” Leftists may be a minority, despite their control of virtually everything in the culture — corporations, schools, media, even sports and entertainment. But they are relentless in their quest to impose their will on everyone. They cannot grasp how President Trump’s highly assertive stance with Biden in the debate represents the ONLY voice that millions of Americans have in a culture dominated by socialists, Communists, and petty little fascists.



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