The Real Radicals are the Radicals for Individualism

AOC told Democrats the other day to “radicalize” themselves for the coming of Communism in America. Everyone who is NOT a Communist, I implore you: Radicalize yourself for individualism. For individual rights. For the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. For capitalism–and by “capitalism” I mean economic freedom. The separation of economy and state. The kind of unfettered free market without pull or connection; where Hunter Biden would have to finance his lifestyle without the Communist Chinese government or the American taxpayer. Because INDIVIDUALISM is now a radical, dangerous idea to hold in America. And if you wish to be a real revolutionary, look toward liberty and rationality. Freedom–undiluted, uncompromising freedom–is the only antidote to the collapse of civilization we now witness on a daily basis. Pick a side. And do not blink.



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