No Utopia From Today’s Democrats: Just Tyranny, Goofiness & Despair

In the old days, leftists promised us a utopia of economic prosperity and universal brotherhood, all provided by a command-and-control government. It was all a vicious lie, of course. But notice what they promised: a UTOPIA of economic prosperity and mutual love. Today, they promise the polar opposite.

They promise us national mask mandates, forever; totalitarian shutdowns, forever; unlimited taxation and the outlawing of fossil fuels, turning our post-industrialized wonder world into the 1830s, or worse. They aim to replace the slavery that America outlawed for black persons 160 years ago with slavery for EVERYONE, except for a ruling elite of people who made their present earnings through the remnants of capitalism or political pull.

Today, they promise us misery and despair. They offer us hopelessness, servitude, shame, poverty, suffering and unearned guilt. As their leader, they prop up the goofiest charlatan in American political history, whose brain now fades from dementia. They expect us to buy it. How incredible is that?



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