America is Already Socialist … CORPORATE Socialist

We don’t YET have complete socialism, or Communism, in this country. As soon as next January, that could all be underway. After the kind of year we had in 2020, it honestly feels like it’s already underway. What we definitely have now, and have had for some time is … corporate socialism. What’s corporate socialism? It’s when government and business (especially big business) become so co-mingled that corporations start to act, think and speak like a big, fascist government — while, at the same time, trying to still be rational businesses who please customers.

Under corporate socialism, gigantic companies, in an effort to please the government and retain their special privileges — or perhaps simply retain their legitimate rights to private property, and to keep what they earn — cozy up to the government and go along with the government’s breathtakingly stupid, irrational or toxic ideas. Example? Corporations siding with BLM and Antifa thugs and terrorists. Another example? Logging on to Facebook or Twitter and getting pop-up lectures about “climate change” and COVID “facts”. Oh, and being told, “Be sure to vote, and why not consider mail-in voting?” Of course they want mail-in voting. The powers that be — not President Trump, but most of the established government — WANT companies to vote for leftist candidates. They believe that voting the way they tell you to vote will lead to better results for them, as companies. Won’t they be surprised once all remnants of private property, individual rights and our precious Bill of Rights have finally vanished.

Keep in mind that under an ACUTAL free market — under REAL, hands-off capitalism — companies would have no political concerns, other than being able to function as profit-seeking enterprises, pleasing their customers and keeping what they earn. If anything, a company should prefer a Republican candidate like President Trump, who wants businesses to make a profit, as opposed to the hard-core, uncompromising tax-raising/wealth-redistributing Communists who now rule the Democratic Party. But the fact that social media tech giants, the NFL, Amazon, Netflix, Starbucks, Nike, Google and all the other corporate socialists WANT us to vote Communist shows us just how corporate socialist our economy — sadly — has already become.




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