More Evidence that COVID is POLITICAL, Not Medical

I am not saying the vaccine is or isn’t a good idea. I am certainly not suggesting any vaccine may be forced on anyone, under any circumstances. But: The fact that many Democrats will not consider taking a vaccine that (in their minds) assists President Trump’s reelection chances if it becomes available before November 3 proves what many of us understood all along: THE VIRUS IS PRIMARILY POLITICAL. Of course the virus exists, and of course it warrants serious life-or-death concern in some, though not most, cases. However, if Democrats who gleefully impose totalitarian-like edicts on all of us (excluding themselves) for open-ended periods of time were even 1 percent as concerned about COVID as they claim to be, they would be interested in, if not excited about, the prospect of a virus that might work, whether it’s available before November 3, or after. Unless, of course, their motives always were not medical — but political. [Photo: Fox News]



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