What’s With the Leftist Signs?

They simply can’t be serious.

Love is love? Say the word “Trump” around any leftist. Or just say “liberty”. Or “capitalism”. Watch the LOVE evaporate in seconds!

“Science is real”. WTF? How is the fifteen-faced Dr. Fauci representative of “science”? How is it science to walk into a restaurant with a mask, then take it off when you sit down? How is it science to pretend that carrying your germs around in a paper face diaper is healthy? How is it science to treat a virus with a 99.99 percent survival rate the same as one with a 10 percent survival rate?

“Kindness is Everything”. It’s a sick joke, right? How kind is it to burn down people’s businesses? To throw away the entire lives and livelihoods of people, including black people who worked so hard for those enterprises? Don’t THOSE black lives matter? How kind is it to set America on fire if you don’t vote Marxist Democrat, to threaten to redistribute everyone’s private retirement accounts and savings, and then disarm them so they’re at the mercy of homicidal maniacs we let out of prison … all to score political points?

They can’t be serious with these ridiculous signs. I will NOT patronize any business who puts this sign out front. I will not have anything to do with any people who put it in front of their home. I urge you not to do so, either. Fascism with a smiling face is NOT kindness, NOT love and it is not for ANYONE decent.


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