Being a “COVID Dissident” Now a Felony in Australia; Is America Next?

Days after a pregnant mother was arrested for “inciting” an anti-lockdown protest, Melbourne police came after a self-described “freedom fighter” who runs a Covid-19 conspiracy network. The dramatic arrest was caught on film.

James Bartolo, a former soldier, bodybuilder and a man who – in his own words – fights against the “corrupt and failed system” during the Covid-19 lockdown, livestreamed a video of himself arguing with police on his doorstep early in the morning.

The law enforcers, among them armed uniformed officers, demanded that he open the door and let them serve a search warrant for allegedly inciting an anti-lockdown protest planned for this Saturday in Melbourne. Bartolo countered by saying that he “told people not to go” on his Facebook page, but the team pushed forward and threatened to enter by force.

“You are illegally trespassing and you will be charged. If you break anything you will be prosecuted,” the man shouts from a balcony, but the lead detective seemed to be in no mood to hear the legal argumentation.

“Open the door or I’ll force it, I’m not playing a game,” he could be heard saying, just as his colleague readied a hammer to smash the door open. [full story HERE]

It is now a CRIME in Australia even to question (on social media) the value of face-diapering. You are treated as a violent felon if you even QUESTION masks. Are you ready for this in America? On our current course, it’s coming.



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