Australia: Questioning Lockdowns is Now Against the Law

In Australia, not only are peaceful protests against the government illegal; TALKING about them on Facebook is illegal. A pregnant woman was arrested for talking about peaceful protests on Facebook. If you think that isn’t where America will be under a fully Democratic government after our November elections, then you’ve been living in a fool’s paradise. THIS is leftism. THIS is statism, Commuism, fascism or whatever you wish to call it. THIS is what dictatorships look like. America is not immune to dictatorship, and the First Amendment means little if the majority of citizens will not stand assertively behind it. COVID, with its 99.9999 percent survival rate is merely the excuse for imposing a dictatorship. And yes, of course, “peaceful” protesters who set fire to businesses and who physically assault or murder Trump supporters will be excused. Somehow, those actions are NOT “inciting violence” but suggesting a peaceful protest IS.

Police in Australia arrested a pregnant 28-year-old woman in front of her partner and two children Wednesday for allegedly planning a coronavirus lockdown protest and promoting it on Facebook.

Police in the state of Victoria took the woman, Zoe Buhler, into custody at her home after she created a “freedom day” event on Facebook calling for people to peacefully gather against the government’s lockdown measures.

“As some of you may have seen the government has gone to extreme measures and are using scare tactics through the media to prevent the Melbourne protest,” the now-deleted event description read, ABC News reports.

“Here in Ballarat we can be a voice for those in stage four lockdowns. We can be seen and heard and hopefully make a difference!”
Video of the arrest shared on social media shows officers handcuffing Buhler in front her partner and children. In the video, Buhler becomes increasingly distressed as she tells officers she is pregnant.

“I have no idea why you guys are doing this,” she tells officers. “My two kids are here. I have an ultrasound in an hour. I’m happy to delete the post.

“I don’t really understand what I’ve done wrong. This is ridiculous. I didn’t realise I was doing anything wrong.”

The woman tells police she has an ultrasound appointment in an hour’s time. She offers to delete the post and questions the need to arrest her in front of her two children.

But Victoria police confirmed the woman was taken into custody and charged with incitement. A mobile device was also seized, police said.
The apprehension comes just days after a group of anti-lockdown protesters clashed with police in the state capital Melbourne at a separate event and almost 200 more Victorians were fined for breaching restrictions.

Victoria is governed by hard-left Australian Labor Party (ALP) leader Daniel Andrews who has seen the state top the national list of infections and deaths during the coronavirus pandemic.

As Breitbart News reported, this is not the first time police under his direction have acted so quickly and with such force against those suspected of violating state requirements during the pandemic.[from ABC News and Breitbart News 9/2/20]



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