Democrats Cheer and Support this New Civil War

Parts of America are descending into chaos. Innocent lives and private property are being sacrificed hourly. It’s a civil war, not yet throughout the whole country but in major portions of major cities. Portland stands out, but it’s happening in nearly all cities run by Democrats.

It’s not simply incompetence. These Democratic mayors and governors KNOW what they’re doing. They’re permitting the violation of laws and the resulting state of anarchy for political reasons. What other motive could they have? And even if we can’t prove their motives — what these mayors and governors are doing is CRIMINAL. They are literally at war with the citizens of their own states and cities. They took oaths to protect the lives and property of all the citizens they represent. When those citizens happen to be Trump supporters, or anyone else they dislike, those citizens are not accorded the same individual rights of others. That’s reason enough to arrest and detain these mayors and governors, so far as I’m concerned. Morally if not legally (you can debate the legality), they already are war criminals, in my book, for brazen and clearly deliberate negligence against the individual rights of citizens in their states and cities.

Of course, that would immediately escalate a civil war that, at least in these cities, has already begun. So one has to be careful. But also remember: These leftist mayors and governors — and the Democratic, far left voters who cheer them on from their homes, as I am CERTAIN they’re doing — started this fire. They are the perpetrators, and they are the victimizers. Even putting a “Black Lives Matter” sign in your front yard as a form of virtue-signaling is not an innocent mistake. You can’t be that ignorant. YOU virtue-signaling leftists are the people responsible for the death and destruction taking place, and whatever else may yet come. And so are your terrorist elected officials.

Keep this in mind as President Trump goes to Wisconsin. Democrats want the results of elections to matter when they are elected. Once they are elected (even via fraud), members of their party are allowed to do literally anything. When people they dislike are elected — President Donald Trump, most of all — why, his mere presence and existence is “unconstitutional”. This is dictatorship. The Democrats, in 2020, have shifted from the mentality and psychology of dictatorships (it started under Obama) to actual dictatorship. First they used COVID as an excuse, an illness responsible (at most) for the death of about 9,000 people (according to their own politically-driven CDC). Now they are using chaos and anarchy in certain city streets as an excuse to blame President Trump and enhance their standing with radical, Communist leftists at the same time. It’s truly monstrous, and nothing this evil has ever happened in the United States; not since slavery itself.

We are at a crossroads. There’s nothing we can do about it now, other than fight back in any way we can, including voting for President Trump’s reelection. The savages in the streets speak for the mayors and governors who let them run wild. They have declared war on our civilization, our Constitution, and the rights of anyone who does not share their far-left, collectivist, socialist, fanatical government views. Democrats are poised to vote for Biden, because they hate President Trump more than they care about anyone’s life. Remember that.



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