Just Imagine

Imagine if one of America’s two major political parties did the following:

1) Stated that the entire country, including our Bill of Rights, is based on racism, and is therefore now morally wrong and legally invalid;

2) Stated there are no rights, only what they say we may do, especially when there’s a “public health emergency” which (by the way) there always will be, because the “emergency” includes the existence of “systemic racism”;

3) Stated that equality no longer means equality under the law, but equality of economic conditions … which means if you have more money than your next door neighbor, you owe your neighbor the balance;

4) Stated that racism consists of refusing (if you’re white) to apologize for things (e.g., owning slaves in 1850) that you’ve never done, and never would do; AND that unless you fail to apologize for what you didn’t do, you will be considered every bit as guilty as the people who actually engaged in the wrongdoing;

5) Stated that you’re guilty of “hate speech” and, of course, “racism” if you dare to disagree with any one of these points;

6) Stated that if you so much as grip a legally purchased gun in your hands, and stand at your front door, when mobs of Soros-funded Marxist savages are running toward your home with stones and torches, that you’re a felon;

7) Stated that elections are OK, but unless THEIR candidate wins, the election isn’t valid; AND that if their candidate does NOT win, it’s proof of malfeasance on the sitting President’s part, a basis for the military removing him from office immediately.

Just imagine. Oh, wait. You don’t have to imagine. It’s already happening.



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